Mountain Goblin: Going to Trader Joe's this week?

Hey, you should try this cheese: Mountain Goblin from Trader Joe's 



It's the week after Thanksgiving and I'm sure the last thing on your mind is cooking. So how about you hit up the closest Trader Joe's, get some cheese, and call it a day. Or week.

Mountain Goblin has become a new favorite of mine because it's unexpected. It looks like any other Swiss-made cheese, but like any good goblin, it surprises you with a little twist. 

It starts out creamy, and denser then you think. Then bam! 💥 It hits you with some onion and mushroom flavors, almost like a brie, and you're hooked. It even has a little spice to keep you comin' back for more.

Mountain Goblin is a semisoft cow's milk cheese made with microbial rennet, just in case you're vegetarian and don't like eating animal rennet. 


Cornichons + onions
Brown Ale
Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc


Trader Joe's

Once you've given Mountain Goblin a try, let me know! 


Zoe Bjornson