Challerhocker: The ideal everyday cheese

Hey, you should try this cheese: Challerhocker



This ain't your average Swiss cheese.

Meet Challerhocker, pronounced holler hocker. Directly translated to 'sitting in the cellar.'

The man behind challerhocker, cheesemaker Walter Rass, has a knack for quality cheeses and this one is no different. Challerhocker was born from Walter's cheesy innovation. After years of expert cheesemaking, Walter started experimenting, AKA added more milk, changed the curd size, washed the rind in wine and rubbed it in spices, and aged it a bit longer. And voila! Challerhocker was born. The extra aging and washed rind give it that depth of flavor that is lacking in your classic Swiss cheese. 

One bite of this cow's milk cheese transports you to the Swiss Alps, where you can be found sipping on cider in your chalet. It's creamy, nutty, and even has a tinge of butterscotch towards the end. It's the perfect cheese for the winter months (#solongsummer) and melts like a dream. Grilled cheese, anyone? 

And for those who attended the NYC Cheese Party, this was #1!


Marcona almonds + fig jam
Toasted baguette
Cider, Pinot Noir, or Whiskey


Murray's Cheese
St. James Cheese Company
Whole Foods

Once you've given Challerhocker a try, let me know! 

Photo via Madame Fromage

Zoe Bjornson