Taleggio: Taleggi-who?

Hey, you should try this cheese: Taleggio 



Even the name of it makes ya curious, doesn't it?

Taleggio is one of those cheeses that has probably sneaked its' way into your pizza, or maybe even a grilled cheese. But I bet you haven't tasted the gloriousness that is a slice of taleggio on a toasted baguette. πŸ˜

This soft, Italian cow's milk cheese is a bit nutty and a force to be reckoned with, AKA it's a heavy one. Taleggio has a strong scent, but is actually fairly mild so don't let it fool ya. The rind is edible and honestly, the crystal-y orange edges are probably my favorite part. 


  • Toasted baguette
  • Grapes (in a grilled cheese)
  • Bruschetta
  • Merlot


Whole Foods
Murray's Cheese Shop
St. James Cheese Company
Your local grocer!

Once you've given Taleggio a try, let me know! βœ¨

Zoe Bjornson